Celebrity Coaching: Zayn Malik – Self-Discovery!

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Celebrity CoachingZayn Malik -‘He’s gone power crazy!’. ‘He’s xxxxxx people off!’. ‘It’s hard to see him having someone there for him’. ‘He’s a little boy that needs to grow up!’ All comments attributed to a friend of the former One Direction star in a national newspaper this week.

Many people dream of making it in the record business. And with success comes everything a young man could ever dream of. Cars. Women. Mansions. A luxury lifestyle. But there is a downside.

Being wedded to a boy band during your late teenage years, can deny you some of the experiences you may have as a ‘normal’ teenager. Being able to discover yourself through the trials and tribulations of dating, lifestyle experiements, travelling, being independent and other features that come naturally as you begin to break away from your parents, and discover what it it like to be you!

So when you have given a few of those years to the record company and the band, then its perfectly reasonable for your soul, particularly if you are sensitive, to want to re-find yourself at some point. And that is probably what Zayn Malik is experiencing.

Wanting to find his own musical direction. Uncertainty revealing itself in relationship choices. Maybe not being easy to be around. It’s all part of the re-finding yourself process. It’s called understanding yourself. Or maturing.

In the finding yourself time, it can feel uncomfortable. Simply because you are trying to lose some of the more soul sacrificing habits that you have had to create, in order to be a good member of One Direction. But if you stay off the excesses of drink and drugs, eventually things settle down and you feel your life is your again.

Thats the journey Zayn Malik appears to be on. Whilst he’s on it, the press want a piece of him. To expose any weaknesses or vulnerabilities. But if he’s smart, he won’t play that game. If he is aware of the path he is on and that the choices he is making are part of his own self-discovery, then he can laugh off what others think. For a man comfortable in his own skin, knows the truth about himself anyway!