Performance Anxiety

Performance AnxietyYou could be an actor or actress. Or maybe a musician. Your great in rehearsal. But when it comes to the audition or live show…then you go to pieces.

It’s not just on the day either. It’s the time building up to the performance. You can’t sleep. Dreading the day coming. Anxiety building. Doubts growing. Fears multiplying. And thus is meant to be something you love to day. It’s crazy!

Why does Performance Anxiety happen?

Maybe your a perfectionist and think you have to deliver a 10/10 performance. That the burden of expectancy that you put on yourself is so great, that anything less than perfection is perceived to be a failure. And that if anything goes wrong on the day, you fall apart, because you have failed. When you haven’t of course.

It’s also a sense of whatever you do it won’t be good enough. That your measuring your self against an impossible to achieve criteria. But it feels so deep-rooted that you just cant shake it off or change it. Come performance day. you feel so anxious about it all, that you’d prefer not to perform at all.

Who Has Recently Overcome Performance Anxiety?

  • A TV actress who had been out of work for some time, and become fearful of auditions…
  • A household name pop star who had started dreading live concerts…
  • An X Factor finalist who has worried about the transition from TV to being on the road…
  • A successful novelist who was anxious over live readings…
  • A top session musician who had-doubts about performing live…

Relaxing Isn’t The Answer…

Performance AnxietyYou might have an agent who is telling you ‘Relax…and just enjoy yourself!’ But if it was that easy you would have done it by now. You need more specific strategies than that. Proven techniques that will transform your state of mind.

Having worked in sport, business and the arts for over twenty years, I have come across most challenges before. I have met

  • Sports professionals wanting to pack in the game.
  • Business leaders wanting to absolve themselves of all responsibility.
  • Artists believing they would never create anything of worth again!

Trying to resolve problems by yourself is very difficult. That why it’s helpful to have someone in your corner, than can see and know exactly what you are going through. And more importantly be able to help you turn it all around. Quickly!

The Next Steps…

Here’s what you will get, if you hire me . I tell it like it is. From our first conversation I will pinpoint the reasons why you feel the way you do. Then, give you a very clear strategy to get things back on track.

You will very quickly start to feel the surge of belief and possibility return. My agenda is simple. I want you to breakthrough and succeed. You will no longer feel alone, with doubts and uncertainty.

OK, So What Do You Do Next?…

So yes – My coaching will help you get you back on track. You may have thought of hiring someone like me before. But maybe you weren’t sure what was involved. Or even if it would work?

(And don’t worry – everything we do, will take place in the strictest confidence. I do not talk to the press or radio, about the work I do with my clients).

If you have never experienced the power of Coaching before, then I would like to offer you the chance of working with me. The first step is to either:

Option 1: CALL ME ON – (UK Callers): 077897 56425 (Outside UK) : +44 77897 56425

Option 2: Please write a response to each of these questions, then send it using the ‘Start Coaching’ button at the end of the form. You will then receive a call or email to arrange a time to speak.

Remember – You could wait and hope that by magic, your situation changes. But experience suggests that rarely happens. There is a reason why things are as they are. The sooner you get started, the faster you will be back to your confident best.

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