Celebrity Coaching: Joe McElderry – The Comeback!

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Celebrity CoachingFirst there is the ecstacy. Winning X Factor. The glittering future ahead of you. The record deals. The money. The fame. All awaiting you.

Then there is the reality. The ruthless record company axe you after a year. Your record sales are not matching their expectations. The dream is over. Or is it?

It must be very tough for Joe right now.You’ve gone from nations favourite, to an artist without a record label. How must that feel?

And then there is the feeling of rejection. Courted by Simon Cowell. Then dismissed by him.

It would be very easy to doubt your talent. Wonder if you really are good enough. Because if you were, then the public would be buying your records.

And those self-doubts can hold sway. Prevent you from taking the next steps. But in this time for self-reflection, Joe can take a positive step back.

Joe has not sold enough records, to satisfy the insatiable needs of the record company. But is this a reflection of his ability?

Perhaps he simply needs longer to development his talent. Do what the pros used to do. Go out on the road and sing. Learn your craft. Build your character. Grow your audience naturally.

Then any success will be earnt, not artifically driven.

X Factor is a talent contest. A moment in time, driven by marketing men and accountants. The public are deciding between you and ten others in a comparison of presence, ability and likeability.

It gives the winner a glimpse of greater possibilities. But it does not come with a guarantee. Even if it may feel like it at the time.

The music business outside of X Factor, is of a different nature and character altogether. You are no longer competing against wanabees from the UK. You are now competing against the best in the industry.

When Joe McElderry reflects on his year as X Factor winner, he will realise that he has come a long way in a short time. And if he wants a future in the music business, he can have it. But he needs to hold a long-term view in his mind.

And be ready to start again from the bottom. But, in doing so, he will develop a strength of character, that will hold him in good stead for the rest of his life.

Winning is good. But coming back from failure is even more satisfying. As Michael Jordan said,’ Its my failures that have made me the man I am today’.