Celebrity Coaching: Cheryl Cole – Finding The X Factor

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Celebrity CoachingSo the celebrity gossip machine, has Cheryl Cole keeping an unusually low profile in her LA hotel complex, existing on a diet of junk food and worry, whilst her role in US X Factor is clarified.

Of course, where X Factor is concerned we need to remind ourselves, of the smartness of their publicity machine. The ability to create stories, that build gossip and interest, are a major part of what makes this show work.

‘Cheryl in crisis’ stories maximise our sympathy for her, and develop her brand persona.

However if it’s true that Cheryl is holed up in her hotel complex, unable to sleep and comfort eating, it’s worth considering why.

The need for approval is a strong driver for lots of entertainers. That’s what gets them in front of audiences. But, criticism and rejection can also be hard to take. It tends to come with the territory, of being a creative person.

That’s why, in times of doubt, Cheryl needs to find her own X Factor. The magic within herself, that goes beyond doubt.

A self-reflective state of mind, that takes out what ‘others think’. And focuses on her strengths; values; career highs. Truths and certainties that can weather the stormiest times.

Cheryl Cole is sitting on a gold-mine of self-worth. She only has to look within to find it!