Celebrity Coaching: Russell Grant – A Second Chance At Life

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Celebrity CoachingSo astrologer/entertainer Russell Grant has been voted off Strictly Come Dancing. Grant’s comical theatrical entrance from a cannon, not being enough to save him from finishing bottom of the public vote.

Whilst he may have relished the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform at Wembley, the vast arena did little to serve Grant’s chance of staying in the show.

The massive Wembley stage called for big sweeping athletic movements. Qualities not generally found in Grant’s dancing. His was a more intimate form, drawing the audience into his world. His natural warmth and charm was lost in the Wembley vastness.

But despite his departure, Russell Grant brought a great deal to this series. As with Pamela Stephenson last season, he demonstrated that the Strictly format can provide a second chance at life.

When a person reaches sixty, they may feel that they have achieved all they have wanted to achieve. That life is now a fundamental repetiton of what has gone before, albeit with greater wisdom, insight etc. But a life lacking in challenge and development.

But the Strictly format brings that challenge through the medium of dancing, and as such a quiet liberation can occur. The person can find themselves tapping into skills and qualites they may either never knew they had, or had forgotten about.

An inner light is switched on. Which is why the celebrity dancers claim that it is the best experience of their lives, and are desperate to stay on the show.

Grant’s joy, enthusiasm and innocence were thoroughly endearing. Through the love of dancing, he experienced the feeling of being ‘born-again’. It was a second chance at life!