Celebrity Coaching – Rene Zellwegger – The Transformation

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CelebrityCoachingThe debate has been raging for a week now. Ever since she stepped out on the red carpet at the Elle Women In Holloywood awards. She has denied it. But most observers seem of the view that Rene Zellwegger has had a cosmetic make-over that has transformed her natural looks.

Being a woman in your mid-forties can’t be easy for a Hollywood movie acresss. Especially when it’s been a few years since you had box-office success and your last creative idea got rejected by the studios.

The life of an actor or actress is often a tightrope walk of acceptance and rejection. Your self-esteem can be built around whether you are in demand from the studios. Thus when offers and scripts are coming in, you feel wanted and thus good about yourself. When the phone stops ringing, the self-doubts can hold sway. You have doubts as to whether you will work again.

It all calls for a re-invention. A process of re-examining of who you are, what you stand for, and what path you want to take as you begin the next phase of your life.

Rene Zellwegger’s transformation appears to be cosmetic. Thus by changing her appearance, it is calculated that the work and the offers will come rolling in, and self-worth will be stabilised.

But what if the transformation being sought is not an external one. But an inner transformation. A journey of self-acceptance and recognition. That takes you to a place where you can work on your terms, not the demands of the studio or agents.

Where the age that you are,and the life you have lived allows you to take new paths. Paths that may not be as high profile as acting in a Hollywood movie. But nevertheless afford you a deep sense of personal satisfaction. And a sense of peace. That the urge to be externally accepted and included wanes. And you find an acceptance and inclusion within yourself. About yourself. You are no longer dependent on ‘the man’. But find a state of trust that allows you to feel settled within yourself.

It may mean that you don’t make another movie. And you need to feel ok about that. It may mean that fans no longer stop you on the street and ask for an autograph. And thats ok too. Because your self-esteem is no longer bound up in need. This journey of self-discovery brings its challenges. But with it comes the ultimate satisfaction of finding yourself.