Celebrity Coaching: Rebecca Ferguson – Finding The Muse

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Celebrity CoachingIt’s the difficult second album. The honeymoon period is over. The hype has died down. The initial surge of stardom has settled. The second album is the point that determines whether you, as an artist, have really got something to say. Is your success a music industry manufactured one-off or are you here to stay?

For Rebecca Ferguson, the artisitic challenge was heightened by feelings of depression. Challenged by self-doubts, the talented Liverpudlian wasn’t sure whether she could deliver her second album for the record company. And those doubts would be entirely reasonable for any artist.

When you are X Factored into the media frenzy and spotlight, the adjustment time from normality to fame varies from person to person. It is very easy to lose a sense of yourself, as the normal life you lived previously seems a thing of the past.

There are expectations to now live up to. From the record company. Fans. And of course, your own. And these expectations can place huge restraint upon the creative process.

Everything you try to write can feel ‘not good enough’. You compare everything to an ‘ideal’ that you feel you should be meeting. That because of the weight of expectation, your work should be better than before. The naturalness you had before fame and fortune came calling proves elusive.

And pretty quickly, you can feel not good enough yourself. You doubt your ability. Put your success down to a fluke. Then the creative block really begins to hold sway.

When that happens you have to look within yourself at the experiences you are having. Your fears; anxieties; worries; doubts. And from of this place, the creative flame can be lit.

Which is precisely what Rebecca Ferguson did. Looked within herself to find the muse. Opened up to herself about her fears and channelled them into her work.

Thus in providing an outlet for her fears, Rebecca becomes a voice for her audience. The artist, in musically expressing their fears, gives hope, companionship and solace to their devotees, who are having to cope with their own fears, anxieties and insecurities.

In her darkest hour, Rebecca Ferguson solved the great artisitic dilemma…which is how do you create when you are feeling at your lowest? She found the answer in her soul…the anchor point of life experience. And the place from which much great music is created.