Celebrity Coaching: Natalia Kills – Cruelty!

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Celebrity CoachingThe New Zealand version of X Factor doesn’t normally attract world-wide headlines. But after Natalia Kills over the top mauling of contestant Joe Irvine, it’s had it’s TV moment in the sun.

Simon Cowell created the X Factor judging template. Now judging shows all over follow the rules. Cruelty generates opinion. Opinions creates viewers. Thus Natalia Kills was probably given directorial permission to be cruel.

However Cowell can execute a well-directed barb because he has a track record to back it up. His success in shaping the careers of his artists, give him the authority to tell it like it is. You know he is probably right.

Natalia Kills has only moderate career success to her name. So therefore her criticism isn’t founded on a wealth of chart topping experience. Merely a strong opinion based on personal views. Thus the character of her judgement carries no Cowell-esque authority. And thus invites a public backlash equal to the cruelty and emotional severity of her comments.

Her troubled past gives her a no-messing ‘tell it like it is’ attitude which may have appealed to X Factor New Zealand. But for a short period of time has made her a figure of ridicule. If she is thick-skinned she can magnify this ‘don’t give a damn’ persona and develop a whole career out of being the bad girl. Such is the way of the pop culture.

But the key is to recognise the difference between the public act and the private you. If you become consumed and ego-inflated by your own publicity, then healing a troubled past can be difficult. As that past simply continues to inform and shape your act. Knowing yourself is the only way to prevent you being swallowed up in your own raging waters.