Celebrity Coaching: George Michael – A Deeper Faith

Celebrity CoachingEven the biggest and best recording artists hit a block. A period in their career when creative inspirtation runs dry. When fresh ideas are in short supply. Perhaps when fame and fortune has satiated the creative impulses.

Many people thought that when George Michael was imprisoned in 2010, it represented a nadir in his life. But what if this was the perfect opportunity to reignite the creative flame!

The ideas below, represent a future possibility for George Michael. Visual and emotional triggers to assist the artist in moving out of a place of being stuck, to a place of inspiration, flow and possibility.

George Michael – A Deeper Faith

When an artist hits rock-bottom, they have the chance to access a depth of feeling and soulfulness, everyday life doesn’t touch.

One of the tasks of a Celebrity Coach is to help artists tap into that depth of feeling that produces memorable work. Help them to look within to find the creative spark that allows them to channel their fears, concerns, anxieties and self-doubts into art.

And so by being authentic and true to themselves, they become a voice for not just their fears, but their audience too.

So, with that in mind, here is the vision of what George Michael’s next studio album could look like.



It’s an album, Rolling Stone magazine will rave over. Here’s their front cover and album review.



And finally, here is George’s interview with the Guardian, ahead of a world tour to promote the new album.


All the above, are examples of what George Michael’s future could look like. It’s designed to act as a trigger to stimulate the artists thinking and creative impulses.

Overcoming The Creative Block

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