Celebrity Coaching: George Clooney – Morons!

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Celebrity CoachingIt’s Hollywood superstar George Clooney making the gossip column headlines this week. His notion that anyone who is rich and famous and uses the popular Twitter site, is a ‘moron’, is a controversial one. Controversial but nevertheless interesting.

What George is fundamentally suggesting is that by the very idea of having achieved wealth and popularity, seeking a world-wide audience is no longer necessary. Therefore anyone who does, has unmet needs that have not been negated by their status.

When Clooney uses the term ‘moron’ he really means that the person is acting in a manner that indicates a high degree of personal insecurity. Leading to behaviour that betrays their wealth and popularity.

Those unmet needs however could be entirely reasonable. For example, anyone in the movie or acting business grows up with a sense of uncertainty as to where there next job will come from. This uncertainty can create subtle fears that can drive an individual to work harder at their craft, in order to succeed.

Of course, one may assume that the more successful the person becomes, the weaker these fears become. But that is not always the case. They can associate those internal fears with success. Thus fear of failure = striving/hard work = success.

And those fears can become so ingrained, that even untold wealth that means they never have to work again, fails to negate them. In other words, the fears will always be at play.

Thus interaction on the Twitter network, is part of the outplay of that fear. Fear that if I dont engage on Twitter, my audience will forget me. And I may never work again as a result. Or I may lose my popularity and my audience will stop loving me. If the unmet need is to be loved of course.

George Clooney’s reflections suggest that he is seeing a lack of emotional development in people who should know better. What he really means, is that success and popularity don’t by themselves overlay long-standing insecurities and self-doubts. It’s a lesson is life that extends far beyond the world of Twitter!