Celebrity Coaching: Demi Moore – Love!

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Celebrity CoachingIt’s actress Demi Moore opening herself up to America’s Harpers Bazaar magazine. Fresh from her recent split with husband Ashton Kutcher, Demi’s interview is peppered with self-doubt based references.

‘There is no way to reach your fullest potential if you don’t really find the love of yourself. What scares me is that I’m going to ultimately find out at the end of my life that I’m really not lovable, that I’m not worthy of being loved. That there’s something fundamentally wrong with me.’

These are issues that will probably resonate with many people. So much prevents this love to self that Demi speaks of. Particularly in Hollywood, where comparison and perfectionism holds sway. And with it the feeling that whatever you do isn’t quite good enough.

You become slave to a view or image of yourself, that somehow you can never quite meet, however hard you try. In fact the more you try, the harder it becomes. This view of yourself is determined by how you think you should be. Not how you naturally are!

And there is also the strong underlying sense, that you are being judged by external eyes. This judgement is unseen. Not tangible. But somehow it’s ‘there’. But where is it? In the imagination perhaps? Or a crystallisation of subtle criticisms, aggregated over time, that create a mindset that becomes your personal truth.

In the botox and cosmetic surgery generation, acceptance of personal emotional and/or physical flaws is not the norm. The quest is to seek for a perfection, that matches the template established by the powers-that-be in Hollywood boardrooms.

It’s stressful and causes you to be always looking outside of yourself for confirmation and recognition. And ultimately leads to insecurity. Rejection and exclusion all contribute to a feeling of unease and unsettlement. But when you hit ‘rock-bottom’ is allows you to self-evaluate who you are and who you want to be.

The only answer is, at some point, to take a personal stand. To say ‘xxxx it!’. Im happy as I am. I’m not answerable to the Hollywood machine. I’m not answerable to anyone other than myself and that which created me. If the Gods in their wisdom, gave me an ‘imperfect’ nose, or other body part, then so be it.

An individual’s uniqueness is a miracle of creation. That thought in itself, is aligning to self-acceptance and love. And it is the truth. For Demi Moore and every individual on earth.