Celebrity Coaching: Chris Brown – Time To Take Stock

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Celebrity CoachingIt appears to be reported without any great element of surprise, that Chris Brown is voluntarily seeking rehabilitation and counselling for his anger management issues, after an alleged assault incident in Washington DC.

Since his well publicised attack on girl-friend Rihanna, four years ago, Brown has seemingly struggled to stay out of trouble. Perhaps people see him as an easy target.

Either way, this latest incident should serve as a wake-up call to him. A time to take stock. Of the haunting issues from the past. And the impact they have on the present. Especially when an intoxicating cocktail of fame and infamy are mixed together.

A troubled past can be a strong motivator for an artist. It’s the fuel that triggers a powerful desire to make good and not be subject to the oppressive challenges that have shaped their early life. A troubled past can offer inspiration for the artist, as they channel the pain into their work. Ideally leading to redemption and hope.

Chris Brown is still young. Yet at the age of twenty-four he has lived a full life. As he goes through a rehab based process, it affords the opportunity to catch up with himself. And then maybe, build the self-awareness and refleective state of mind, that will help him move on.

And in doing so, perhaps become a role model for other troubled young men, who are also trying to shake off the impact of a less than easy and challenging past. When you have a world-wide audience as Chris Brown does, then part of your work as an artist, is to take that audience on a journey with you.

If Chris Brown recognizes and take up that responsibility, then out of adversity come can come. Not just for him, but for others like him, whom he speaks for in his music.