Celebrity Life Coaching With Celebrity Coach Martin Perry

When Fame And Fortune Come Calling, Are You Ready For The Upside…and The Downside?

Martin perry - The Celebrity CoachIt might be everything you ever dreamed of. Fame. Stardom. Celebrity status. The glamorous lifestyle. The glorious trappings. But what about the downside? What about the ‘stuff’ the public don’t witness?

The moments of self-doubt. The anxieties, worrying if the ‘keys to the golden kingdom’ will be taken away. The growing pressure to meet expectations.

From my work as a Celebrity Life Coach, here are the 12 key challenges that can impact on creative, personal and professional development. Do you recognise them?

1: Overcoming The Artists Block…

Maybe you have that difficult second album or novel to write. Deadlines are looming. You dont want to let people down. And you have expectations to manage?

But your stuck. And everything you try doesn’t work. Your desperate for a breakthrough, but the harder you try, the worse it gets. Sound familiar?

The good news is that you do not need to remain stuck. Becoming unstuck is hard to do by oneself. Thats the value in hiring a coach, who has the insight to help you understand why you are stuck, and more importantly, what to do about it!

Important Note: Here is an example of work I created for George Michael. When George was imprisoned in 2010, it represented an opportunity for this best selling artist to re-invent himself. Here are the materials that were created as George Michael’s Future History. In other words, what the future for this best selling artist might look like.

2: You’ve Reached The Top – But Have You Lost Your Focus?

Pay close attention to thisMaybe you’ve done it all. Achieved everything you set out to do. Reached your goals. Acquired untold wealth. Have all the trappings. But then, now what? What’s beyond success? What do you do when you have everything?

How do you re-connect to the magic that got you to the top of the tree? Finding the source is a challenge to test the hearts and minds of the most successful celebrities.

In fact the more successful you become, the further away from the source you can be drawn. When you lose connection to the source, life can seem empty and the future can be difficult to envision. However, when you regain the connection, it will feel like starting over again.

My Celebrity Life Coaching sessions are designed to help you get that feeling back. The feeling of being re-connected to your source of power, motivation and possibility!

3: You Have Been Built Up By The Machine, Then…

Maybe it started off as a love of music, acting, dance, or writing. Then the machine got hold of you. The machine that can make you a giant of your industry. The machine that can help you attract a world-wide audience. And help you achieve the things you always hoped and dreamed would happen.

But what happened to ‘you’ in the midst of all this. The ‘you’ that used to find life so simple. Do you ever yearn to get ‘you’ back? The ‘you’ that’s not a celebrity. But a normal person that loves to do simple things. What would it be worth to get ‘you’ back again?

That ‘real you’ can quickly become consumed by the machine and the industry. To them you are a money-making commodity. They can pick you up and put you down as they please. And when that happens, does anyone care about the side-effects this has on you?

4: Then Ruthlessly Spat Out By The Machine!

And, the machine that can build you up and make you a star, can also cut off the oxygen of publicity. Leave you feeling alone and an ‘outsider‘.Maybe you’ve had your ‘time’. And now they don’t want to know.

Could be ageism. Or maybe you’ve upset someone. Who knows? The machine can be fickle. Very fickle.

It would be easy to become subject to melancholy, or bitterness.But this won’t change anything. When you’ve been spat out by the machine, it’s time to reset the compass, and discover what’s next in your life.

5: Do You Suffer The Burden Of Perfectionism?

PerfectionismThis is without doubt, one of the biggest celebrity challenges there is. The all-consuming pressure to be perfect. Knowing your every move is being ‘watched’.It can all seem too much sometimes. This never ending desire to please others. Ensure your looks are movie or TV Perfect.

And you can’t show weakness in the face of this of course! Maybe you have had to make alterations to fit in with industry expectations. But is it what you really want?

And the sense that whatever you do isn’t good enough. It can all seem so stressful. There is no margin for error is there? But what about you. What do you want? Is it possible to play by your rules?

6: Is Your Ego Getting The Better Of You?…

Have you ever heard yourself saying those dreaded words, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’. And instantly regretted it. That awful moment when you become consumed by your own sense of self-importance. Maybe it’s time to take stock, a step-back and reflect on who you have become, in the desire to climb the celebrity ladder.

The ‘don’t you know who I am‘ moment is sure sign that you have lost sight of your core values. Lost sight of the things that got you to where you are. It can happen to anyone. Especially if you are surrounded by people who ensure that your every need is taken care of.

You can quickly forget what it’s like to be ‘ordinary’. It is possible to be successful and retain your sense of self. If your ego feels out of control, then let me help you feel ok about yourself again.

7: The Media Witch Hunt…

It's jus the MediaHave you ever had the feeling, that you don’t want to get out of bed on a Sunday morning? Not because you had a late night. But because the press are after you. They’ve built you up.

Now it’s time to knock you down. To criticise you as a ‘public sport’.How do you keep yourself together, in the middle of very public attack, criticism and ridicule?

You dread what people will say and think about you. You know it’s not true, yet it can get so vindictive and extreme. Finding strength in adversity is critical if you are going to climb the celebrity ladder.

8: Loving The Buzz…But Are You Addicted To It?

Maybe your on a high after a success. A great show. A best-selling album. A great review. Your finding it hard to stay grounded. You become addicted to ‘the buzz’. Almost ‘needy’. You crave that attention that success creates.

But at what price? It’s so easy to turn to artificial stimulants to recreate that feeling. And pretty soon addiction quietly takes hold. The neediness grows and an out of control habit develops.

Being able to stay grounded after ‘the buzz’ is a special skill. Let me help you develop a plan that will ensure you enjoy the natural high that comes from a well-received show, but prevents neediness and addiction holding sway.

9: Is It Time For The Comeback? 

George Michael - A Deeper FaithPerhaps you have been written off. Dismissed by the critics. They said you are finished. Maybe your confidence has taken a beating.

But you know that you have something special left inside you. There is nothing more satisfying than a great comeback. But can you do it? Let me help you prove the critics wrong!

The Comeback is one of the most satisfying artistic and creative experiences. It comes from being able to dig deep. Being able to find the belief in yourself that you can do it again. Despite what everyone else says.

10: The Debut…

Perhaps your a popular comedian. Commanding a decent following. And the TV companies think it’s time that you had your own show. Great! But your a bundle of nerves. You’ve not experienced failure for so long now. What if you can’t cut it in a new format? What if the critics destroy you? What if you lose your audience?

All these negative thoughts and feelings running around your head. When in reality your sitting on a  career-changing opportunity. And the answer is so close by…

11: The Audition…

Perhaps your an actor or actress. And have had some success. Then for some reason the work dries up. And then the doubts set in. What was once natural to you, starts to feel like hard work. You turn up for auditions, thinking you have to deliver perfect work. And of course the harder you try, the less chance of success you have.

If you starting to experience Performance Anxiety at auditions, then lets get it sorted as quickly as possible!

12: The Spiritual Path…

Celebrity Coaching

Maybe you’ve achieved everything you set out to do. You have spent your whole life on achieving your goals. But in doing so, you have starved your inner world of it’s needs.

For you are more than a tennis player, actor, musician and so on. Your uniqueness as a human being is not defined by what you do.

Walking the spiritual path will connect you back to your sense of self and who you really are deep within.

Lets Get Your Belief Flowing Back!

When you experience any of these ten challenges, it can be very frustrating and un-nerving. You feel the problems deeply. But you don’t know how to fix it. Others may say things like, ‘Keep going’, or ‘ Things will turn for you’. But when will they turn? And why will they turn?

The harder you try, the worse it seems to get. Is that how it is for you? And agents and friends aren’t always trained, to help you overcome these challenges. It’s simply too subtle a challenge to turn things around.

I Want You To Breakthrough…

Here’s what you will get, if you hire me as your Celebrity Life Coach. I tell it like it is. From our first conversation I will pinpoint the reasons why you feel the way you do. Then, give you a very clear strategy to get things back on track.

You will very quickly start to feel the surge of belief and possibility return. My agenda is simple. I want you to breakthrough and succeed. You will no longer feel alone, with doubts and uncertainty.

OK, So What Do You Do Next?…

So yes – My Celebrity Coaching will help you get you back on track. You may have thought of hiring someone like me before. But maybe you weren’t sure what was involved. Or even if it would work?

(And don’t worry – everything we do, will take place in the strictest confidence. I do not talk to the press or radio, about the work I do with my clients).

If you have never experienced the power of Celebrity Coaching before, then I would like to offer you the chance of working with me. The first step is to either:

Option 1: CALL ME ON – (UK Callers): 077897 56425 (Outside UK) : +44 77897 56425

Option 2: Please write a response to each of these questions, then send it using the ‘Start Coaching’ button at the end of the form. You will then receive a call or email to arrange a time to speak.

ArrowRemember – You could wait and hope that by magic, your situation changes. But experience suggests that rarely happens. There is a reason why things are as they are. The sooner you get started, the faster you will be back to your confident best.

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